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Trump bans Transgender people from serving in the US Military.


DONALD J TRUMP has taken the bold and decisive decision to ban Transgender people from serving in the US Military ‘in any capacity’.

In a series of Tweets on 45’s favorite social platform, The President said this:

Now, this is a divisive issue and as a gay man you’d expect me to be outraged – but strangely I’m not.

I’ve always held the view that being Transgender has nothing to do with sexuality, It’s to do with Gender. Being Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual is a different kettle of fish.. or sausage or both if you like All You Can Eat Buffets – but to claim that the whole LGBT community should be outraged is a myth.

Whilst I can relate to the struggles of being Transgender from my own experiences of being Gay, it doesn’t automatically make me understand the subject. It is a very complex issue that has divided opinion in both Britain and America.

On the one hand, you have people who are totally against it because they fear anything different – that’s dumb.

Then you have those who are against it because they don’t necessarily understand it.

I wouldn’t say I’m against Trans people, I don’t care… you choose who you want to be in life and you should live your life the way you want to without persecution – The government has no right to tell you how to live your life – that’s FREEDOM.

I didn’t want to make any bold uneducated or offensive statements about the issue… so I took to social media to see what other people thought.

Peter says:

There are multiple reasons why Transgender people should not serve in the Military…

The rate amongst transgender people of suicide and mental illness is very high. In addition, in particular to front line combat roles, the stress levels are extremely high.

If you’ve already got statistics showing that this group can be a liability, putting them in high-stress positions can make is irresponsible not just for them but for other soldiers

Even then, let’s say that the individual is completely fine and is top notch, the implications of unit cohesion can be the next concern. In addition, requirements of medication or medical treatment will be abnormally high for them. There are too many special requirements and liabilities.

In addition, the US has enough people coming into the military, unlike the UK.

It should be worth noting too that some of this experience may be biased due to Chelsea Manning, a trans person who whistleblower thousands of documents which had risked tens of thousands of lives in Iraq and Afghan, even with concerns about mental fitness.

But many don’t agree with this view. Another Facebook user, Andy said that:

Given I’ve got friends who are trans, I feel sorry for them considering there’s still this transphobia in what is meant to be a first world country. Just because a person feels they’re in the wrong body and identity as the other gender shouldn’t mean they can’t fight and represent their country in a war.

Benjo said:

I have a mixed mindset on this. Yes, transgender do have high rates of suicide and depression, however, if someone wants to serve their country and is medically cleared then why not?

Dominic compared the issue to Alan Turing and said:

Being transgender does not in any way make you unable to serve in the military. This reeks of a time when Turing was shunned despite his essential work towards cracking Enigma.

Our very own Kamaran Fathulla said:

The taxpayer shouldn’t be forced to pay for plastic surgery to help people deal with what’s in their head. You can’t join the military with a multitude of illnesses, disabilities etc. If it requires long term treatment that effects combat readiness then you’re not getting in. Shouldn’t be any different just to appease a small segment of people.

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