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Trump Clashes With Democrats Over Border Wall Funding

PRESIDENT Trump stood his ground earlier today during a heated debate with Democ-rat minority house leader Nancy Pelosi and her side kick Chuck Schumer.

The trio met at the White House to discuss funding for the wall, border security and the prospects of Trump shutting down the government if obstructionists on the democrat side failed to pass the required funding for the next phase of the southern border wall.

The two democrats appeared to be very reluctant to discuss the topics in public where as President Trump called it transparency in what appeared to be a calculated attempt to highlight the obstructive tactics of the democrats.

During the Oval Office clashes, Trump declared that he would shut down government if he wasn’t granted the funding to complete the next section of the wall on the border with Mexico.

The democ-rats showed their double standards, true colours and hypocrisy by insisting that they didn’t want government to be shut down despite previously shutting it down themselves.

Pelosi took a cheap shot at Trump, pointing out the fact that Democrats were soon to recover the House. “People in the Republican Party are losing their offices now because of the transition,” she said.

Trump responded quickly, saying, “Nancy, we gained in the Senate. Excuse me, did we win the Senate? We won the Senate.”

Schumer went on to say to Trump that “elections have consequences” to which Trump fired back “That’s why the country is doing so well”

The border wall is a huge part of national security and nothing will prevent the President from carrying out his campaign promises to the American people.

The threat of drugs, human trafficking and illegal aliens entering the US via the southern border is something Trump is passionate about and he will prevent this at all costs.

It is remarkable and refreshing for a President to be carrying out his campaign promises and delivering on the statements he made whilst on the campaign trial prior to being elected.

Donald Trump is what a true leader looks like and it wouldn’t do any harm for Theresa May and several other European leaders to take a leaf out of his book to put the welfare of their citizens before anything else.

Trump clearly feels this is matter of national security and will stick to his guns to deliver it.

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