North Korea

Trump to North Korea: US Military ‘locked and loaded’


DONALD Trump has issued a new warning to North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un and has said that if the regime ‘acts unwisely’ the US Military is “locked and loaded”.

Mr Trump said on twitter that “Military solutions are now fully in place and added:

“Hopefully Kim Jong Un would find another path”

Seemingly worried, Pyongyang said that “Washington is involved in a criminal attempt to impose ‘Nuclear disaster upon the Korean nation’.

Pyongyang, North Korean Capital

Kim Jong Un’s evil regime also accused Trump of being a ‘Heinous nuclear war fanatic’

The U.S. Presidents warning came hours after China appealed to the United States and North Korea to be ‘cautious with their words and actions’ amid the increased Nuclear tensions.

President Trump has met with his national security advisor to discuss his warnings to North Korea.

James Mattis, U.S. Secretary of Defence added that the USA would prefer a more diplomatic approach.

U.S. Secretary of Denence, James Mattis

Mattis also added that America is prepared to respond if North Korea commits a hostile act.

Despite the escalating tensions, America and South Korea still plan to stage a joint military exercises starting August 21st.

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