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TRUMP TWITTER-STORM: Prez RTs GIF of himself hitting Hillary with a GOLFBALL

PRESIDENTIAL Twitter addict Donald J. Trump has pissed off a whole slew of Liberals and Leftists after he tweeted a GIF that appeared to show him hitting Hillary Clinton with a GOLFBALL.


The biased Elitist US media then flew into a full faux-outrage mode and those angry reactions began to pour in across their social media accounts.

NBC News described the Retweet as an ‘Assault on Hillary Clinton’.

Huff Post desribed the tweet as a ‘Violent Clinton Joke’


Some users on Twitter described the Retweet as ‘condoning’ the abuse of women…




But one user going by the name of ‘Lord Haelstrom’ saved the day and said what most non-Trigger sensitive people were thinking.


Pantomime – isn’t it wonderful.

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