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TRUMPING HOLLYWOOD: Why President Trump is LOVING 90s sitcom revival “Roseanne”

HIT Nineties sitcom Roseanne is probably the last thing you’d expect to be dividing America and receiving praise and even a personal call from President Donald Trump but in Trump’s America, anything is possible.

Earlier this week on America’s ABC network, over 18 million Americans tuned in to the revival of Roseanne, a record-breaking audience and the biggest comedy rating since 2014.

Older and the younger viewers who may have missed Roseanne‘s original run in the 1990s, were excited to tune in to see the new divisions in the Conner family.

ABC reports the revival premiere brought in 10% more viewers than Roseanne‘s original series finale in May 1997.

Roseanne is now an out and proud granny deplorable representing the millions of working-class Trump voters across the United States.

The working class hero has somehow tapped into what the majority of American voters voted for, and liberals are hating the cold dose of comedic reality.

Liberal Hollywood is stunned at the show’s success and the so-called experts have missed the market of 50% of the nation that isn’t a liberal social justice warrior.

The first two episodes have tackled ObamaCare, Gender Stereotypes, Fake News and Poverty and the message was clearer and more relatable than any CNN panel could push.

Liberals are outraged that ABC is showcasing a true to life working class family and the typical Trump voters who are tired of the Liberal Elite. They simply can’t comprehend a world outside their liberal elitist bubbles.

Liberals who often claim to be the champion of those at the bottom, but as soon as a TV show represents their views and opinions, they turn into the screaming lunatics we all know too well.

The show received praise from the President and his son Donald Trump Jr who said: “Wow amazing. Congrats @therealroseanne. If you’re not too busy already maybe work in a late night show too… seems there’s some demand for an alternate viewpoint.”

President Trump called show creator and lead star Roseanne Barr to congratulate her on the show’s success.

Barr said it was “pretty exciting” in an interview with Good Morning America on Thursday.

“I’ve known him for many years and he’s done a lot of nice things for me over the years,” said Roseanne.

“He really understands ratings and how they measure things.”

Barr said Roseanne is giving viewers a look at life that isn’t being seen elsewhere.

“The idea that people can agree to disagree is kind of missing from everything,” Barr said. “That’s what we need to do as a country, is figure out what we don’t like, talk to each other and discuss how we’re going to get it changed or fixed. I really hope it opens up civil conversation between people instead of just mudslinging.”

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