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Telford has proven Donald Trump was right to say the UK was hiding a “massive Muslim problem”

DONALD Trump was right when he claimed the UK is “trying hard to disguise their massive Muslim problem” in 2015.

Whilst running for President in 2015, Mr Trump also said that “parts of London were “so radicalised” many police officers were “afraid for their very lives” when they entered.”

Following this week’s shocking revelations in Telford, Mr Trump has been proven right.

As many as 1,000 children suffered from abuse my mainly Muslim men in the English town of Telford, West Midlands and girls as young as 11 were taken from their families to be drugged, beaten and raped.

THREE people were murdered and two others died in tragedies linked to the scandal.

Authorities failed to keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of “racism.”

Police failed to investigate one recent case five times until an MP intervened.

The scale of the abuse uncovered in Telford – population 170,000 – is feared to be the most brutal and long-running of all.

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