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TWITTER BANS TRUMP: President BANNED From Tweeting Until Post Removed

TWITTER has banned the President of the United States from tweeting from his main campaign account, in another attack on free speech. 

President Trump, who has over 84.6m followers on the social media website was banned from tweeting on the ‘TeamTrump’ account by Twitter censors until he removed a post related to Coronavirus.

The post was later removed by Twitter, but still appeared as a link on the President’s timeline and was retweeted over 10,000 times before being purged.

Earlier on Wednesday, Facebook also targeted the President by removing a post related to Coronavirus, citing ‘false COVID-19  information’.

Raheem Kassam tweeted: “Twitter has stopped the President of the United States from tweeting until he deletes a tweet they don’t approve of.”

“This is happening in an election year. This is happening during a pandemic.”

The former Nigel Farage aide who now works for Steve Bannon also slammed Republicans for their inaction over tech censorship.


Republican Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar told Politicalite last week that“The censorship of conservatives by social media sites and main stream media is a serious threat to democracy.”

Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (@RepGosar) | Twitter

“Half the population is being denied a voice. People who speak the truth are being shouted down using the most defamatory terms possible in an effort to intimidate and threaten.”

The Trump-supporting Arizona congressman told us: ” I have a bill pending that will end Big Tech’s legal protections.”

“The Democrat run House will likely kill it as they are benefitting immensely from this one way propaganda machine.”

The rampant deplatforming, cancellations and defamation of conservatives has to be remedied soon.”
“The alternative to speech is action. It is no small matter to block free speech.”

More follows.

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