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Donald Trump

US RACE WAR: Trump Brands Antifa Anarchists Behind Seattle ‘Autonomous Zone’ ‘Terrorists’

It has been called a ‘nation within a nation’. A six-bloc zone in Seattle has been taken over by Antifa and its cohorts in Seattle and renamed the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). Consecutive nights of violent protest led Mayor Jenny Durkan (Democrat) to effectively abandon the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct building, barricades were removed along with items of value and the officers defending it.

Trump does not mince his words when it comes to CHAZ. He branded them “domestic terrorists” and hit out at the local authorities:

Naturally, leftists have been falling over themselves in delight at an area the establishment New York Times lauded as a “homeland for  racial justice”. Although there is reportedly no single ‘leader’, protestors have quickly armed themselves and set up their own security force. It is possible they will be needed as anarchists and Antifa frequently come to blows and for a supposed bastion of racial equality it was, somewhat ironically reported that;

“A white man started a fight on stage as black women were set to speak about their experiences. The man, who later claimed his cell phone was stolen, was immediately taken to the ground by organizers and CHAZ security. One of the organizers grabbed the mic to ask for “white people who have experience in security” to help because “it really isn’t the job of the black people to handle this situation.”

Free speech is also a non-entity in CHAZ. A reporter was allegedly mobbed for merely having a “perceived” connection to Fox News. Businesses are prepared to say only off the record that they do not feel comfortable or safe in the area. A street preacher in the area was filmed being mobbed and beaten:

Indeed, US public opinion is skeptical as a whole of the growing lawlessness, truckers revealed in a new poll that they will not travel to cities that defund the police. It seems likely that Trump’s message of preserving law and order is starting to cut through to Americans in what a crucial election year when he will face-off against Joe Biden in the battle for the White House.




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