VERY FAKE NEWS: Chris Wallace Accused of Helping Biden Escape Trump’s Verbal Mauling in Presidential Debate

FOX News moderator Chris Wallace was slammed by viewers of the first Presidential Debate last night after he was accused of “helping” Democratic candidate Joe Biden escape a mauling by Donald Trump.

Wallace who is a mainstream media veteran who previously worked for CBS and ABC before moving to Fox in 2002 was panned by critics who said he was ‘unable’ to control the debate as Trump landed zing after zing on Biden.

Chris had ‘bigged’ himself up prior to the battle akin to a World Heavyweight Boxing match in press releases claiming he “did not hold any punches”, yet he barley threw a punch at Biden.

Trump predicted that Wallace would play dirty telling Fox Radio that while he had a “lot of respect” for Wallace, he was “willing to bet that he won’t ask Biden tough questions.”

“He’ll ask me tough questions, and it’ll show, it’ll be unfair,” Trump said. “He’ll be controlled by the radical left.”

The former mainstream media reporter who presents Fox News Sunday on FNC was accused of “helping” Biden escape relevant questioning by Trump.

The Trump-Biden 2020 Presidential Election Debates Are On - The New York Times

Team Trump also revealed that Wallace interrupted Biden 15 times, interrupted President Trump a whopping 76 times.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “There were several objective truths Trump brought up including about Hunter Biden’s windfalls in Ukraine and China, and yet when Biden dismissed them as “conspiracy theory,” the so-called moderator Chris Wallace refused to step in to challenge Biden with the undisputed facts.”

Another viewer wrote on Twitter: “Fox News should fire Chris Wallace for spreading the “very fine people” hoax. The most debunked hoax in recent political history.”

“Trump literally condemned white nationalists and white supremacists in that statement.”

AP FACT CHECK: Claims from Trump and Biden's first debate

Another user claimed Trump was forced to debate with two Democrat candidates… Biden and Wallace.

Twitter user JT Lewis joked: “Trump won the debate tonight. Joe Biden came in third place right after Chris Wallace.”

Trump is currently leading a Politicalite poll on who won the debate at the time of writing, with Trump more than whopping 85% with Biden on 12%.




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