WHAT A MELT! Rapper Ice Cube Tweets RACIST Mural In Response To George Floyd Killing

U.S. RAPPER O’Shea Jackson, better known by his stage name Ice Cube caused controversy online by sharing a mural on social media which some have deemed anti-Semitic.

In the tweet, Jackson had claimed that ‘fuck the new normal until they fix the old normal’, along with the mural, which had the following caption; ‘all we have to do is stand up and their little game is over’.

The same mural, entitled ‘Freedom of Humanity’ by street artist Mear One, had caused controversy before, due to former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn commenting on it on Facebook. It had been removed from its East London location in 2012.

This led to  backlash online. Conservative commentator Chris Rose felt that it wasn’t good to ‘defeat racism’ by ‘promoting a racist mural’ and Zionist blogger David Collier told Jackson he had to ‘rethink’ his ‘whole argument’ after using something ‘that is racist and oppressive towards another minority group’. Foreign Policy Research Institute researcher Rasha Al Aqeedi claimed that Jackson ‘wasn’t helping’ and evoked the Holocaust’s death toll of ‘6 million Jews’ to highlight the issue and Guardian columnist Michael Segalov shared a piece he wrote about the mural when it was controversial with Corbyn and called it ‘anti-semitic’.

Meanwhile, author Jamie Susskind sarcastically acknowledged Jackson sharing the image to ‘five million people’ and Jewish Labour representative Gabe Milne commented on the mural’s ‘blatantly anti-Semitic’ nature and the ‘hundreds of people’ who were defended Jackson ‘in the replies’. Campaign group Socialists Against Antisemitism argued that ‘the fight against black racism cannot come at the expense of racism towards others’ and LBC radio host Maajid Nawaz told Jackson to ‘sit the f*ck down’ and called out the rapper’s support for Nation Of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan has been heavily controversial in the past, due to his anti-Semitic remarks and praise for former Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, and was banned from the UK due to his behaviour. This led to a court case over the decision, with current Labour London Mayor Sadiq Khan being his representative.


Jackson has built up a successful rap career over 3 and a half decades, first as a member of the rap group N.W.A, and then through an ongoing solo career. This isn’t the first time Jackson has been controversial on social media, earlier this year he had received criticism from the likes of social commentator Mark Dice and Sky News Australia anchor Rita Panahi for claiming that the Minneapolis police officer who killed Floyd was convicted fraudster Jonathan Lee Riches.

This led to Twitter flagging the tweet for misinformation.

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