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Why Charlottesville is threatening Donald Trump’s presidency

CHARLOTTESVILLE is a history defining moment for the United States of America and could threaten the future of a country that is so bitterly divided.


It all started when alt-right white supremacists turned up in the American town of Charlottesville, to protest the removal of a confederate-era statue.

The statue of Robert E. Lee – who was a soldier in the civil war and also a slave owner, has stood in Charlottesville for more than 100 years.

The Democratic government in Charlottesville voted to take it down – to be politically correct, but you can’t erase history just because it’s uncomfortable to discuss.

The far right activists arrived with confederate flags and Nazi flags and were heavily armed. To counter these vile protesters, another set of vile protesters – Antifa (Anit Fascists) turned up and things obviously kicked off.

The Democratic mayor of Charlottesville reportedly told Police to withdraw and banned them from intervening – some say this was to make the protest escalate to cause chaos for Trump.

But what happened next, changed the protest into something that has started a crisis for Donald Trump and could threaten the future of his presidency.

Marcus Martins – a white supremacist – rammed his car into Antifa protesters killing one woman.

Some say it is a terror attack, but the POTUS hasn’t called it that and took 48 hours to respond and denounce the KKK and other far-right protesters.

What has angered many is the way Trump has handled the incident, he blamed both sides, saying they were both as bad as each other.

This is true, Antifa and other Alt-Left groups such as BLM were violent and were the reason things started to escalate.

This incident has brought out the worst in America, on both sides.

But the reason Trump’s comments have caused such a furor, is because the Mainstream Media had already started to blame the far right and Trump together – as they wanted to smear the president.

Because of that, So much anger is being directed towards Donald Trump – it is as though he was driving the car.

Faking News maestros, CNN – even tried to claim the victim hated Trump – only then for the victim’s mother to come out and thank Trump for his condolences.

The President is now in the middle, if he totally condemns one side he risks alienating his voter-base (White America) – If he decries the far left, he risks alienating Black America and having even more, MSM heat on his back.

He simply cannot win. Trump HAS denounced the KKK and other far right groups and the media still wasn’t happy, they claimed it was too late it was all for show.

Things began to calm down up until yesterday. Trump being Trump decided to go rogue at a press conference live from Trump Tower in New York – the liberal cesspit that hates Trump.

Trump repeated his earlier comments and decried the KKK and the far left such as Antifa.

He also asked the media, Why the media wasn’t denouncing the far left? Why wasn’t the media calling out Antifa and BLM – the group that called for dead cops?

The reason the media is so outraged at Trump’s response is that they had already planned to pin it all on Donald, they will stop at NOTHING to smear the President.

They simply STILL cannot believe that their Liberal darling was beaten by Trump – a political novice.

The media had slanted their reports so badly, that when Trump rationally blamed BOTH sides for the vile chaos, he was made out to be supporting White Supremacy.

The media in America needs to take a long hard look at itself before it destroys America.

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