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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Tea Party Co-Founder Hits Out at President Biden’s “Universal Failure”

Michael Johns, a former White House presidential speechwriter and Heritage Foundation policy analyst, is a national co-founder of the U.S. Tea Party movement and widely viewed as one of the conservative movement’s thought leaders. He endorsed Donald Trump for president on the first day of Trump’s candidacy in June 2015 and has since been one of the leading spokespersons in support of both him and the Make America Great Again (MAGA) agenda, he spoke exclusively with Politicalite on President Joe Biden’s leadership. 

MICHAEL Johns branded Joe Biden’s presidency as a “universal failure” as he sets out his vision for the 2024 Election campaign that former President Trump is set to run in. 

“Biden is proving a universal failure, and it’s not just that he’s failing but that you look at this administration and almost wonder if failure isn’t the objective.” said Johns. 

“So many of the current crises seem consciously self-created, including the open border and the obvious unwillingness to structure fiscal policies that incentivize Americans to reenter the workforce.” 

“He spoke a big game on his plan for managing the pandemic, but he’s really proven to have no plan at all. He did not inspire Americans to meet the goals he had announced for vaccinations.” 

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“We’re on path to have about two million illegal aliens enter the country this year because he refuses to secure the border.” 

“That’s about the same number of residents of Manchester. Two million illegals who will arrive with immediate welfare needs, limited employability, and mostly no English skills. It’s a policy of self-destruction.” 

“Biden’s also raising taxes on companies precisely at the moment when we want those companies to be utilizing their resources to hire and train employees and to explore domestic expansion efforts. This additional money sent to Biden’s Treasury Department is money that cannot be used for those purposes.” 

“His spending packages are hugely political and represent enormous expansions in our federal debt that are now fueling inflation across key sectors. In foreign affairs, his instincts seem all wrong on both China and Iran, which I see as the two big foreign policy issues we currently confront.” 

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“Both of these regimes have defined themselves as enemies, and we need to be keeping economic pressure on both and ensuring our military is prepared for worst case scenarios should, for instance, Xi Jinping opt to move on Taiwan or the mullahs get any closer to the development of a nuclear weapons program or seek to disrupt the Persian Gulf or any other U.S. interest.” 

“Unlike Trump, though, Biden is seen as weak, both at home and abroad. At home, it all starts with the fact that about half the population does not recognize his legitimacy and sees him as a figurehead for globalist managed decline.” 

“He cannot seem to generate any enthusiasm, and I see why: Nothing he is doing currently is seen by the people as proving beneficial to the nation. Even those who voted for him seem uninspired.” 

“Finally, I don’t want to speculate, but something clearly seems wrong with his physical and mental health. He does not project any energy. He frequently misspeaks or mumbles, and we have received no real explanation for any of what appears to be some sort of ongoing neurological or other ailment.” 

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“His entire administration is operating in isolation behind a curtain. They are not speaking straight to the American people, they have no interest in bipartisan consensus building, and their agenda seems just about universally counterproductive.” 

“Unlike prior presidents like Trump and Obama who had solid base support that ensured their support, even in bad times, never fell below 45 percent or so, Biden appears to have no such base.” 

“As his failures become increasingly evident and the American people grow increasingly impatient, I think his support numbers will fall–and he has no safety net for how far they could fall. We could see his support fall into the 30-some percent range, and that would be something no American has witnessed since the days of Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s. ” 

More follows. 

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