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YUGE: Donald Trump has HIGHER Midterm Approval Ratings than Ronald Reagan

U.S. PRESIDENT Donald Trump has higher approval ratings than Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton as he heads into the final stretch of the U.S. Midterm Elections.

The latest poll shows Mr Trump has a rating of 42% (Gallop, 2 Oct 18) showing his political agenda is winning over Americans.

That poll came before the 45th crushed the Democrats by successfully getting Brett Kavanaugh appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court despite a highly charged smear campaign by the Dems.

The figures also reveal that Trump is beating President Ronald Reagan AND President Bill Clinton at this time in their respective time in office.

Ronald Reagan – U.S. President (1981-1989)

Many say all-American Ron was ‘the greatest ever’ U.S. President and as he headed into the Midterms in late 1982, he had an approval rating of 41% – he, however, was suffering from an angry electorate as the U.S. Economic Crisis of the early 80s bit hard and The Republicans lost 26 seats to the Democrats with a 26 seat swing.

Bill Clinton also had a rating of 41%, but he was crushed by the Republicans in November 1994 who took control of the House of Representatives with a 54 seat swing that gave the Republicans their best showing since 1952.

The figures could indicate that Donald Trump and The Republicans are set to smash records and return a stunning result, melting even more snowflakes.

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