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OH, VIENNA: Islamists Launch Attack on Austria, Terrorists Shout “Allah Akbar” with THREE Dead and Several Injured

VIENNA was hit with a Islamist Terror attack last night with four people killed and 22 people injured with at least attacker wearing a ‘suicide vest’, the terrorist was an ISIS sympathiser, the Austrian Government has said. 

The assault rifle shooting attack started at 8pm local time, video of the attack posted online shows one of the alleged attackers shooting into a street in Vienna shouting “Allah Akbar”, another attacker is still at large.

Austrian Police were out in massive force after gunfire by suspected Islamist Terrorists in the Austrian capital that left two dead and dozens injured. The official death toll is not yet clear.

Oskar Deutsch, the head of the Jewish community in Vienna, said the shooting took place in the street where the city’s main synagogue is located but that it was not clear whether it had been targeted.

The synagogue was closed at the time of the shooting, he added.

Rabbi Schlomo Hofmeister told Politicalite he saw at least one person fire as many as “100 rounds” at people sitting outside at bars in the street below his window.

Rabbi who witnessed Vienna terrorist attack testifies on BFMTV | En24 World

“All these bars have tables outside. This evening is the last evening before the lockdown,” he said.

“As of midnight, all bars and restaurants will be closed in Austria for the next month, and a lot of people probably wanted to use that evening to be able to go out.”

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Released From Hospital - WSJ

Boris Johnson expressed his deep shock at the “terrible attacks” which have left at least two dead and several injured.

Mr Johnson said: “I am deeply shocked by the terrible attacks in Vienna tonight.

“The UK’s thoughts are with the people of Austria – we stand united with you against terror.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel also spoke of her solidarity with Austria after the country’s capital experienced the deadly attack.

Ms Patel said the UK, which has seen a number of terror atrocities in recent years, including an attack on Parliament in 2017, stood “ready to support” Austria following the shooting rampage.

The Home Secretary tweeted: “Deeply shocked and saddened by the incident that has taken place in Vienna this evening.

“My thoughts are with everyone who has been affected and we stand ready to support in any way we can.”

Austrian authorities confirmed two people had died, including one of the attackers – and 15 wounded after gunmen opened fire on people enjoying a last evening out in Vienna before a coronavirus lockdown comes into force.

One attacker was shot dead by police but several others were thought to be “on the loose”, according to the Austrian chancellor.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said there were believed to have been several gunmen involved in a “prepared” attack.

Austrian elections: Who is Sebastian Kurz, Europe's youngest leader? | The Independent | The Independent

Vienna police said several shots were fired shortly after 8pm local time in a city centre street, and that there were six different shooting locations.

“One of the perpetrators was neutralised, but several perpetrators appear to still be on the loose,” Mr Kurz said.

“They seem to also, as far as we know, be very well equipped, with automatic weapons. So they were very well prepared. It’s definitely a terror attack.”

Michael Ludwig, mayor of Vienna, said 15 people were admitted to hospital, seven with serious injuries.

File:Michael Ludwig - Veranstaltung „1. Tag des Wiener Wohnbaus“ (1).JPG - Wikimedia Commons

A police officer was among the injured, Austrian police confirmed on Twitter.

Vienna’s streets were reportedly particularly busy as people took to bars and restaurants on the eve of the introduction of harsher restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Police urged people to avoid all open spaces and public transport in the city.

Additional Reporting by PA Media 

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