LABOUR’S FLAG BAN: Labour-run council threatens to PUNISH Cabbies if they fly England flag

LABOUR-run Barrow Borough Council has told taxi drivers that if they fly the England flag during the World Cup they could be hauled before a licencing committee with potential punishments including losing their license.

Public Protection Manager and full-time professional killjoy, Graham Barker said that the warning was being issued due to the danger posed by the flags ‘distracting’ other drivers:

“We don’t want taxis with clip-on flags or internal flags. It’s not allowed. It may well distract drivers of other vehicles.

“If regulations are contravened, we would contact the company to enforce them. A complaint would be passed to the licensing committee for a hearing.”

Local cabbies, however, hit back. One told the Daily Mail:

‘It’s disappointing. Flying flags is showing patriotism.’

Quite correct but patriotism is one thing the powers that be don’t want on display. The Barrow Ban is part of a wider summer offensive against patriotic expression. Last month, England fans were told by the police to not fly the ‘imperialistic’ English flag when travelling to Russia and Royal Mail banned its 125,000 delivery workers from displaying flags and stickers to cheer on England for ‘health and safety’ reasons.

So, flying the English flag is ‘dangerous’, ‘imperialistic’ and a risk to ‘health and safety’ but flag-waving and marching in support of the terrorist organisation Hezbollah through the streets of London is ok…….not hard to tell which side the establishment is really on is it?

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