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World Cup 2022

SHRED & GONE: David Beckham no longer gay icon after Joe Lycett ‘shreds 10k’ over Qatar 

BRUMMIE comedian, Joe Lycett, has shred £10k over David Beckham’s failure to pull out his lucrative multi-million ambassadorship deal with Qatar.

Joe Lycett has shred £10,000 in a protest against David Beckham’s controversial £10 million Qatar ambassadorship deal. 

The 34-year-old pansexual comedian offered to donate the cash to LGBTQ+ charities, if Beckham withdrew from the multi-million World Cup deal with the conservative Muslim Middle Eastern country where being homosexual is a criminal offence.

But after the former England captain failed to get into contact with Joe, the deadline the comic set passed and he tossed the significant sum of cash into a wood chipper, making good on his promise.

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In a video, which was posted on website on Sunday (20.11.22), Lycett can be seen wearing a rainbow coloured ruffled top, tossing two bundles of cash before curtseying in front of the camera and walking away. 

However, the comedian later said the £10k shredded “wasn’t real money” and that it had been donated to LGBTQ football charities.

Last week, the stand-up star – known for his publicity stunts – addressed Beckham directly in a public video and gave him an ultimatum, warning the football legend that Beckham’s “status as a gay icon will be shredded” alongside the cash. 

However the 47-year-old sports icon didn’t issue a response, despite Lycett contacting Beck’s PR team three days before the shredding in which he asked: “Could you let me know if there’s any chance he might budge on his position, or am I to expect radio silence on this?. 

“There’s still time for David and his team to do the right thing”. 

The controversial decision by FIFA to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar has been met with much criticism due to its poor human rights record and anti-LGBTQ+ ideology. 

Engagement in same sex relationships is still considered a capital offence and punishable by up to seven years in prison and even death. 

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Beckham was widely condemned by the public over his role as ambassador for the Arab nation.


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