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EXCLUSIVE: Rishi Sunak is the man who brought down Boris Johnson, claim No10 insiders   

RISHI Sunak is the man who brought down Boris Johnson, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

Last week Politicalite revealed that Sunak had already been accused of working with a shadowy group of Remainers. He is still working with remainers and is a part of the ongoing soft coup to stop Brexit.

Firstly a quick run down on the evidence so far. Sunak is accused of working with @BestForBritain and the @euromove .

They are both pressure groups for remain / rejoin and operate a series of sock puppet organisations to pump out carefully sliced Anti Brexit data.

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@euromove is led by Andrew Adonis who made his views clear.

The aim is to stop Brexit, and Boris is in the way.

Rishi Sunak had his leadership website built by Alex Wilks, a former Digital Manager of the European Movement, and anti-Brexit campaign manager. The evidence for that is in the previously linked thread.

We now have indications that he was working with a @BestForBritain sock puppets long before that – the Resolution Foundation. The Resolution Foundation was founded by Clive Cowdery who until February 2021 is also a director of Best for Britain.

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The Resolution Foundation pump out Anti Brexit, Anti Government reports under the guise of independent analysis. They also work closely with Labour with @RachelReevesMP recently speaking at their events.

It should have been a surprise when Sunak appointed Richard Hughes as Chairman of the Office of Budget responsibility after a year as a research associate at the Resolution Foundation.

Richard replaced Robert Chote who had spent 20 years advising senior management at the IMF.

Why would Sunak appoint someone who had worked for an anti Brexit group to such a position of responsibility?

Perhaps because when asked directly about if he had conducted ‘any activity that might cast doubt on your political impartiality’ he said NO.

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Really Richard?

I’m sure it’s a total coincidence then that he is putting out press releases saying that Brexit will cost the UK 4% of GDP.

And this is at a time when the UK is the fastest growing major economy in Europe.

This raises further questions about the plot to remove Boris and stop Brexit.

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?Was Richard Hughes the connection that brought them together?

?Why was Rishi using web developers from campaign groups known to want to stop Boris and Brexit

?How deep is Fishy Rishi in this?

A timeline of collaboration:

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October 2020 Richard Hughes made Chairman of OBR

September 2021 The Twitter Account ‘ReadyForRishi’ is created

December 2021 The Website ‘’ is registered.

February 2022 A close friend of Sunak’s husband and close friend of Cummings Dougie Smith threatens Boris – “Smith told Boris on the phone that if he did not resign they would get him in the end”

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July 5th 2022 Rishi Sunak resigns.

July 8th 2022 The Website ‘’ is registered and built by a European Movement remain activist.