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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Serbian Opposition Leader ‘Arrested and Poisoned’ after EXPOSING faulty Chinese COVID-19 Tests – Sources

SERBIAN Leader of the Opposition Nikola Sandulovic was reportedly ‘arrested and poisoned’ by Serbian Police during the Eastern European nations Coronavirus ‘state of emergency’ after he spoke out about faulty Chinese Coronavirus tests, according to bombshell claims revealed to Politicalite. 

Mr Sandulovic, who is the leader of the opposition ‘Republican party’ in Serbia is well known in the Eastern European country and is said to be “a huge opponent” of current Serb President Aleksandar Vucic. 

Nikola Sandulovic

He was reportedly arrested and detained after he spoke out publicly about defective tests for the Coronavirus which Serbia imported from China.

Party sources claimed that the politician is also said to have “revealed the truth about importing immigrants to Serbia at Serbian borders during the state of emergency and police hours.”

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Serbian Republican Party sources told Politicalite that “He was writing about Chinese narco-mafia and their [alleged] connection with the President Vucic, the way they transport drug and gold through Serbia to Europe.”

The conflict between Vucic and Sandulovic escalated in 2014 when Sandulovic recorded a highly ranked secret police officer who was speaking in the name of Vucic, telling to Sandulovic that , “If he continue[s] with the Republican party, he will be killed. [SIC]”

That CD Sandulovic offered in London in front of Vucic at the London School of Economics in 2014. 

Sandulovic was a close ally of assassinated Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic.

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Zoran Djindjic

Sandulovic survived more than SEVEN assassination attempts , including TWO bomb attacks, where he was seriously injured. 

Zoran Djindjic’s State Funeral

The regime was allegedly “trying to spread terrible propaganda against Sandulovic for years, and was trying to kill him constantly.” 

“The reason for that is that he has right information and he is not afraid to publish everything.” a party source told Politicalite

Serb Leader Aleksandar Vucic.

“He was the first politician in Serbia who spoke publicly about defective tests for Coronavirus which Serbia imported from China and spoke the truth about importing immigrants to Serbia at Serbian borders during the state of emergency and police hours.” 

“He was writing about Chinese narco-mafia and their connection with the President Vucic, the way they transport drug and gold through Serbia to Europe.” said the source. 


“His interviews reached over 450k views on youtube where among other things he said that during the epidemic in city Valjevo, the ruling party, led by Aleksandar Vucic, forced thousands of Valjevo’s citizens to attend the rally using their fear of losing their jobs which caused a disaster in that city causing huge death rate in that city.” 

“One of the biggest problems was the fact that he exposed how Serbia is aerosolized.” 

On 29th March 2020 during Sunday lunch and during the police hour , numerous special police forces raided the family home of the President of the Republican Party and the International Union of the Republicans of Balkans, Mr. Nikola Sandulovic. 

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“They searched his home and took him away. They seized all the computers, and the personal phones of the President and his entire family.” said the source. 

“Immediately upon arriving at the detention unit on 29th of March , Nikola Sandulovic touched a certain wall, on which was a fine dust of a strange brown color, and after that he touched his face and nose and brought the suspicious substance into his organism.” 

“He immediately felt a burning sensation in his nose, tingling of the upper jaw and strange sensations along the spine and the right side of the body.. All soon resulted in the tingling and seizure of the right side of the body.” 

“He was trying to wash his hands repeatedly but the situation was getting even worse. After that, he lay down on the bed, feeling terrible fatigue, and in spite of severe pain, he fell into sleep.” 

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“The next morning on 30th of March, a policeman who saw Nikola Sandulovic’s condition immediately called an ambulance.” 

“With the arrival of the ambulance, a police officer came in and helped Sandulovic get up and holding him under his arm brought him to the emergency room. They just gave him a pain killer and dissapeared.”

“From the afternoon of March 30, 2020, to the next day, March 31, 2020 Sandulovic was unable to move normally and he was left lying in jail without any medical help.” 

“On 31 of March ,which is 48 hours after his poisoning, when officers of the High-Tech Crime Unit came to take him to a hearing with the prosecutor and judge, Nikola Sandulovic was unable to get out of bed because of severe pain throughout his right side of the body and chest.”

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“Ignoring the words of Nikola Sandulovic who was constantly repeating that he cant get out of bed, the police officers entered the cell, lifted him roughly and dragged him through the hall.”

“Under the influence of severe pain, Sandulovic loses consciousness and remains lying in the hall. Without calling the doctor, the cops took him to the car, put him in the back seat, whereby he comes to consciousness and immediately loses it again” 

“In such a condition, they bring him to the Court, pull him out of the car, drag him over the floor, throw him at the entrance to the detention unit of the Court, where he loses consciousness for the third time “

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE | Nikola Sandulovic Appears in Serbian Court Following Alleged ‘Arrest and Poisoning’

“The policeman who worked at the Court that day called an ambulance when he saw in which condition his colleagues brought a prisoner.” 

“The ambulance doctor immediately required transportation to the KCS Emergency Center Hospital.” 

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“There the family saw him briefly, he looked horrible, his eyes were horribly bloody, he could not close them, and tears flowed from them uncontrollably.” 

“He complained of chest pain, neck and head pain, was shaking constantly, and could not move his right side at all.” 

“He said that he was sick and had an urge to vomit, but he had nothing to vomit because he had not eaten and drank for more than 48 hours.” 

“Neither the family nor the lawyers had contact with him thereafter until April 8, 2020, and no one was giving any information .” 

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“He was kept in hospital at intensive care for 7 days. After that he spent one day in the prison sitting whole day in the wheelchair ” 

On the 8th of April , he gave his statement at the court and was released from the prison in wheelchair, Unable to move his right hand and right leg .

After observation by neurologists and cardiologists and numerous examinations and recordings, it was concluded that Sandulovic had not suffered a stroke or had heart problems. 

At the moment he is at home with his family, slowly recovering . He barely survived and he is still not able to move his right side . The court forbid him to use internet until the investigation is over. 

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A spokesperson for The Republican Party told Politicalite that they wanted to let the world know what is going on and how Republicans are treated by the alleged Dictator Aleksandar Vucic.

More follows. 

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