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FISHY RISHI: Inside the SECRET Anti-Brexit network backing Rishi Sunak 

RISHI Sunak is being backed by a hidden network of shady Globalist figures who are intent on reversing Brexit, Politicalite can exclusively reveal. 

Earlier this week Politicalite broke the exclusive story that Rishi had his campaign website built by a man who is a former Labour Cllr and part of a network called European Movement UK.

The European Movement receives EU funding through its parent organisation European Movement International for ‘research’. They are chaired by Andrew Adonis who famously sent the below tweet.

The intention is clear – Brexit is the target and Boris was in the way.

As Rishi was registering his website, the European Movement were ramping up their campaign. What gave them the confidence to spend so heavily?

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A circular sent out on 13 Jan by Campaigns Strategy Adviser Mike Galsworthy claimed 1,000 new members had been ramped up since Christmas to rejoin the EU.

Their campaign to stop Brexit and oust Boris was simple – Richard Lightman who attended one of their activist training events set it out:

So how do they connect every problem to Brexit in reality? Through a series of sock puppet organisations ostensibly independent, but in reality, with the same aim – decapitate Brexit’s leader and attack its impact. 

Step in Best for Britain.

Founded by people such as the European Movements Campaigns Strategy Adviser, Mike Galsworthy, this organisation has form in this kind of activity during the second referendum campaign headquartered out of the Millbank Tower.

Mike Galsworthy works to make every problem about Brexit through @BylineTV and the Byline Times network. They are heavily involved at a local newspaper level across the country and work within Best for Britain to generate those stories. 

Best for Britain chair the @UKTradeBusiness that’s the front for a lot of the negative Brexit stories coming out.

It’s a coalition of talking heads and economists working to turn every news story into an anti-Brexit, anti-Tory story. It doesn’t end there. 

Other organisations founded by current and former directors of Best for Britain include the Food Foundation which put out anti-government stories about food poverty, defined very loosely to be anyone who has missed a single meal in a month due to financial reasons.

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An additional vector is the ‘independent’ All Party Parliamentary Group on Coronovirus

Their communications are run by Best for Britain. 

Another vector is the Resolution Foundation. They produced carefully sliced data sets designed to make the country look like its failing, and Brexit look bad.

The Labour party love to use their propaganda to attack the government. They recently had their Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves appear as a speaker at their conference with Andrew Adonis.

The reason why this is so insidious is that their outputs are printed without scrutiny, question, or even the basic journalistic standards of reporting their influences.

Here is an example from the ‘independent BBC’

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The Resolution Foundation was founded by Clive Cowdery who until February 2021 is also a director of Best for Britain.

Cowdry is also the owner & publisher of the very Brexit-critical magazine Prospect.

Cowdry is a member of the governing council of The Institute for New Economic Thinking, founded by George Soros, the man who funded the remain campaign with millions of dollars.

If you don’t know who he is, he is the man who ‘Broke the Bank of Britain’ in 1992 through currency speculation. He has plenty of form in attacking Britain to make money.

The Day George Soros Broke the Bank of England To Make $1.1B

The strikes are another possible attack point.

We have seen two implicated people promoting the strikes. The Lib Dems are also heavily involved with former deputy leader Richard Kilpatrik and former campaigner Pablo O’Hanna being part of the core European Movement hires.

So now you know the context – watch what happens with the Lib Dems put out a tweet that’s critical of the strikes and not ‘on message’.

Naomi Smith works for Best for Britain and immediately flags that it’s not been signed off by the wider campaign and isn’t on message for that campaign.

Predictably the tweet is deleted.

If you want to grasp just how wide the vector of attack on this country that is coming from these people, here’s another angle: the Migrant Crisis.

MigrantsOrganise funds the legal challenges that stop the Rwanda flights. And who is backing them with money?

George Soros through the open society foundation.

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It’s clear that there is a massive, multi-vectored attack on Brexit and the government going on. It also seems very likely that this is funded by a man who makes money when Britain fails, and backed by BOTH opposition parties.