WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Sadiq Khan’s Met Police BAN Pro-Trump Rally In London

AN UPCOMING Pro-Trump Rally in London has been effectively BANNED by the Met, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

Met Police informed the organiser of a planned Pro-Trump rally on July 14th that the force had applied for an ‘effective ban on pro-Trump activism’ in London via the Public Order Act.

A Met Police Liason Officer told the rallies organiser via email: “RE Your proposal to rally at the US Embassy, Nine Elms Lane and march to Whitehall on Saturday, July 14th, A file for Sec 12 and 14 Public Order Act conditions is now being prepared for the Assistant Commissioner and will be submitted for consideration in the next few days.”

Luke Nash-Jones, who runs campaign group ‘Make Britain Great Again’ and describes himself as ‘An activist who hates grooming gangs and political correctness.’ exclusively spoke to Politicalite.

He said: “I presume their superiors, who answer to Sadiq, will approve such, and thus if Freddy Vachha, Martin Costello, and myself proceeded to welcome Trump, we will probably get 3 months in prison.”

Luke added: ” I have twice provided alternate routes from the Embassy to Downing Street. These have not been considered. A ban of a procession should be under section 13, which would ban all marches including anti-Trump processions. Why only MBGA/UKIP rally targetted?”

The Met wanted to move the rally to the old US Embassy or in Trafalgar Square, removing all effectiveness and ignoring the duty of the police to protect peaceful protests.

This move by The Met is a breach of the ECHR Articles 9, 10, and 11 and now the rally will be forced to be held in a park away from US Embassy, whom the group wish to stand in solidarity with.

Luke added: “This [decision] is to stop American embassy staff filming us for their Twitter and any video of the pro-Trump crowd going viral. It is illegal to be “imposing a condition on the location of a protest which effectively negates the purpose of the protest.”


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  3. Betsy Ross

    July 7, 2018 at 05:43

    Why are much of the Underground cars infested with bed bugs? That is insane! What kind of country lets their public infrastructure become infested with bed bugs?

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