DENIED: Reports That Gavin McInnes Denied a Visa to Tour Australia. Promoter Disputes This

Internet television personality and founder of the western male fraternal organization the Proud Boys Gavin McInnes has been denied a visa to tour Australia on character grounds by the Home Affairs Department according to a report by the ABC. They have claimed McInnes was advised by the department a few weeks back they were likely to block his visa application and the formal window for him to appeal closed today.

McInnes was scheduled to be part of the Deplorables Tour with Tommy Robinson and Milo Yiannopoulos in February 2019 hosted by Penthouse Australia. This was after McInnes own scheduled solo tour of Australia due in November was rolled into the Deplorables Tour.

There had been an intense media campaign against McInnes and Proud Boys since they were involved in a confrontation with Antifa outside a speaking event by McInness in New York. Nine Proud Boys are facing criminal charges and led to McInnes quitting the Proud Boys last week.

Most of this negative publicity involved fake news that the Proud Boys were an alt-right white nationalist group. A video went viral which took many of McInnes comedic routines out of context of him claiming the Proud Boys were a violent street gang.

This led petition being launched by Sudanese-Australian lawyer Nyadol Nyuon calling on McInness to be denied a visa. Labor’s Immigration spokesperson Shayne Nuemann had written to the Immigration Minister David Coleman to urge him to deny McInness entry.

Just yesterday the 81,000 name petition was delivered to Parliament House in Canberra which . Nyuon traveled to Canberra to deliver along with Indigenous activist Marcia Langton.


The ABC story is disputed by Penthouse Australia Publisher Damien Coasts he has not been notified of a visa denial, that the application was never at an appeal level and that there was no appeal deadline for today. We will keep you posted about what is the exact truth of the matter

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