PHOTOS: Victory for the World as ISIS is destroyed in Mosul

IRAQI forces took control of the last ‘ISIS’ stronghold in Mosul, Iraq yesterday after nine months of brutal conflict.

The battle for Mosul has destroyed most of the historic city and last month so-called ISIS blew up a historic mosque in the city suggesting that it’s fighters knew the end was near.

It has also caused a humanitarian crisis with thousands of families displaced.

Exhausted yet elated Iraqi troops who were trained by UK and US forces, celebrated as the Iraqi flag was lifted above a mostly destroyed Mosul.

This final defeat in one of ISIS prime strongholds marks the end of the sick group that has brought fear and terror to millions in the Middle East and across Europe and the UK.

This victory destroys ISIS’ dreams of a caliphate.


A suspected Islamic State fighter sits in a basement. Felipe Dana/AP

Iraq’s elite Rapid Response Division patrols the medical complex in the Shifa neighborhood, on the west bank of Mosul. Fadel Senna/AFP via Getty Images)

A woman holds a young injured girl as Iraqi forces continue their advance. Felipe Dana/AP)

An Iraqi special-forces soldier stands in position in an alley near the front line in Mosul. Felipe Dana/AP

Smoke billows following an airstrike by US-led international coalition forces targeting the Islamic State group in Mosul. Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images

A view of the destruction in Mosul’s Old City. Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP/Getty Images)

Military vehicles of Iraqi security forces are seen in the Old City of Mosul. Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters

Smoke billows over Mosul following an airstrike. Fadel Senna/AFP via Getty Images

Members of the Iraqi federal police pose for a picture with an Islamic State flag in the Old City, a symbol of their victory in their part of the offensive. Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP via Getty Images

Iraqi Special Forces gather on the front line. Felipe Dana/AP

A boy rides his bike past destroyed cars and houses in a neighborhood recently liberated by Iraqi security forces in western Mosul. Felipe Dana/AP)

Members of the Iraqi rapid-response forces fire a missile at Islamic State militants in the Somer district of Mosul. Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters

Dust rises as an Iraqi tank fires at a car approaching its position near the eastern al-Intisar neighborhood of Mosul. Odd Andersen/AFP via Getty Images

Children use pieces of plastic debris to slide down the roof of a Qayara building destroyed by an airstrike. Felipe Dana/AP

Iraqi counterterrorism forces carry an injured comrade. Bulent Kilic/AFP via Getty Images)

An American soldier takes his position at the U.S. Army base in Qayara. Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters


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