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TANKER WARS: Israel “Prepared To Attack Iran” as Middle East Tensions Grow

ISRAEL has said it is prepared to attack Iran in response to an oil tanker drone attack that left two people dead, including a British man. 

The comments came as Iran’s new hardline President Ebrahim Raisi was sworn in and Western Allies including Israel, United States and the United Kingdom lobbied the UN Security Council to take action over last Thursday’s tanker attack- with a session on Friday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz was prepared to take action against the terrorist state. 

In a TV interview broadcast on a local media Gantz responded when asked whether Israel was prepared to assault Iran. Gantz replied: “‘Yes.”

He added: “We must not see Iran only as Israel’s problem and exempt the rest of the world.” 

General Sir Nick Carter added that Iran must be called out for its “very reckless behaviour” as Western allies plan a response to Iran’s terrorist actions.

The comments came as Britain’s chief military officer said Iran had made a ‘big mistake’ by taking part in the deadly tanker attack that left a British man dead.

The Allies, including the United Kingdom, The United States and Israel have accused Iran of the fatal assault and vowed to respond.

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Britain’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said: “The Council must respond to Iran’s destabilising actions and lack of respect for international law.”

The British security guard who died in the drone attack by Iran was named as Adrian Underwood, an army veteran and married father of one.

The Western Allies have accused Iran of the fatal assault and vowed to respond.

“What we need to be doing fundamentally is calling out Iran for very reckless behaviour,” Nick Peel told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

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“They made a big mistake on the attack they did against the Mercer Street vessel last week because, of course, that has very much internationalised the state of play in the Gulf.”

He added: “Ultimately, we have got to restore deterrence because it is behaviour like that which leads to escalation, and that could very easily lead to miscalculation and that would be very disastrous for all the peoples of the Gulf and the international community.”

Iran has denied responsibility and said it would respond to any threat against its security and has said claims of attacks were “hoaxes”.

More follows.

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