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WATCH: POLICE BRUTALITY: Macron’s Men BATTER Two Innocent Women

A SHOCKING new video of police brutality against peaceful Yellow Vest protestors in France was released yesterday, shedding further light on the extreme violence being endorsed by the French President against his own people.

The video was shared on Twitter by a French street reporter, who stated that the vicious incident had taken place on a busy street in Marseilles.

In the footage, overzealous police men are seen brutally beating two defenceless women; bludgeoning them them viciously as hard as they can in the legs, back, and arms with their steel batons.

Another individual, a man not wearing a yellow vest, can be seen running away and posing no threat, as a masked officer chases him in an unprofessional violent frenzy, beating him in the back with the standard police-issued weapon that has the potential to easily break bones.

As one of the injured women is violently dragged across the street as onlookers, including children, look on in horror, a cyclist simply trying to pass nearby is pounced-on by one of Macron’s brutes, who raises his baton before the man is seen pleading with him to not attack. 

This new example is just one of many ongoing incidents of state-sponsored police brutality still taking place in France on a daily basis since the French people turned against their obstinate President last year. 


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