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Editorial Complaints

Politicalite takes complaints about our editorial content seriously and will work with you to resolve issues swiftly.

If you would like to make a complaint or request a correction regarding any article on Politicalite please use contact us and we will communicate with you to try to resolve the issue and if you are involved in a story, to give your side of a particular story with a right to reply.

We will NOT respond to threats of violence, abuse, intimidation or legal threats, talk with us – we are human, we don’t bite and will try to resolve the issue.

Our Editorial Complaints Policy

1. Politicalite aims to handle all complaints as quickly as possible.

2. We will acknowledge the complaints within two working days.

3. If we receive multiple complaints about the same issue we may make one response to all on social media or on our website on our corrections page.

4. We will communicate with you to find out more about the complaint.

5. If we do not feel we can take your complaint forward we will let you know.

6. If at any stage of your complaint we do not hear back from you within 2 working days, we will consider your complaint resolved.


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