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WHAT NOT TO WEAR! This Morning fashionista Lisa Snowdon caught “nasty” STI from abusive ex 

THIS Morning fashionista Lisa Snowdon discovered an abusive ex-boyfriend was cheating on her after getting a “nasty” sexually transmitted disease.

The This Morning fashion expert, 51, revealed she was “mortified” when she unearthed the truth about her partner – who she dubbed a “man about town” – being unfaithful, and detailed how he was emotionally and physically abusive to her when she was a teenager. 

She said in her new self-help book ‘Getting Started’: “I found out finally about one cheating incident as he gave me a very nasty STD – the kind that only comes from putting it about, a lot.

“I was mortified – 19 years old and riddled with a vile sexually transmitted infection. It made my blood boil, and I felt beyond disgusted.”

Lisa, who during the height of her days in the fashion industry dated George Clooney, added “words” can be more hurtful in a relationship than “physical abuse”. 

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She said: “I have come to realise that words cut so much deeper than physical abuse, their impact creating such a blow that I don’t think you can ever forget them.

“This is how it started: words, digs, taking advantage of me, chipping away more and more at my self-confidence and my self-esteem. Bullying behaviour, pure and simple.”

The former ‘Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model’ host, who is now settled with boyfriend George Smart, also said about her ex’s coercive behaviour escalating: “His temper got worse, as he picked on me constantly, and not content with using all my money (he didn’t make any at all), he also cheated on me repeatedly while I was off on shoots.

“I know now he was deeply insecure and, in turn, tried to make me feel that way to keep control and power, which of course worked, as I wasn’t into mind games and certainly didn’t understand that was what was going on.

“Admitting this to you now, I hope it may save the life of someone who is the victim of an abuser.”

Lisa also told how she had “fun” sexually experimenting with women. 

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She said in her book: “I was, of course, deeply attracted to the opposite sex, and sometimes to the same sex, and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t experimented a little – that was fun, and I certainly have no regrets.”

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