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EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Minogue teases more about ‘An Audience with Kylie’ spectacular

KYLIE Minogue has revealed her new pop scorcher airing on ITV1 on Sunday is her greatest hit yet and fans won’t be disappointed when the show airs – and we have some exclusive pictures from the big day.

The 55-year-old pop superstar first had her own special of the series that sees celebrities host a revue-style show in front of a specially-invited audience in 2001 but recorded another edition of the show on December 1 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. 

For one night only at the legendary Royal Albert Hall in front of fans and a specially invited audience of VIP guests, global superstar Kylie Minogue hosts the biggest Audience With to date. 

Kylie will perform some of her greatest hits from across her record-breaking career, including recent smash hits Padam Padam and Tension. There will be surprises and personal stories too, as she takes questions from the dazzling celebrity audience on this unforgettable night. 

Ahead of the show Politicalite caught up with the pop star who has seen staggering chart success this year. 

What can fans expect from your Audience with set?

I’m putting together a selection of hits from throughout the years; some with a twist! We will all feel at home at the Royal Albert Hall and share some trips down memory lane. As for what questions I will be asked by the audience, we’ll have to wait and see!

You’ve done an Audience with before – what makes it special for you?

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An Audience with is so unique and has the history that shows the love people have for it. My friend sent me a photo of their laminate from An Audience with, 2001 and it brought back all the memories. The show feels intimate, fabulous and captures a moment in time.

If fans are watching at home, how can they make a night of it?

I absolutely love knowing that people watching at home will be making a night of it. I want everyone to feel like they are there with us, as they are in spirit! Have some friends over, get the snacks in and perhaps even pop a bottle of something! If you want to go all out, mini replicas of Royal Albert Hall? (hah!!) Red drapes… hey, it IS that time of year!

The Royal Albert Hall is an iconic building, does the place you’re performing make a difference to the performance?

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Absolutely. Venues have different vibes and one of my favourite places in the world is the iconic Royal Albert Hall. It has an energy unlike anywhere else, acoustically it is stunning and visually, well it is 360 degrees beautiful!

What song is your favourite to perform and why?

It’s impossible to choose an absolute favourite. Every performance is different, as is every audience. That’s the beauty of a live show. We are all in the moment and songs will become something ‘other’. There are some older songs, which naturally have nostalgia built into them. These have a different reaction and feel compared to a recent song, which perhaps hasn’t been performed live very often.

What do you always have to have to eat or drink when you’re in London?

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A good cup of tea for starters!!

Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever unexpectedly heard your music?

Oh, all sorts of places. And every time, it is so exciting. It makes it very ‘real’ when I hear any of my music whilst out and about. Hearing it in a taxi is a great one.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever had from another artist? Who was it and what did they say?

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When I was starting out and trying to find my way as a live performer, I would be moving non-stop!

Michael Hutchence and I were dating at the time and he made me aware of the power in stillness. It was a great piece of advice and gave me the boost I needed to have confidence in my own presence.

An Audience with Kylie airs Sunday 10th December 2023 on ITV1 and ITVX at 7.45pm.  

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