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EXCLUSIVE: Darren Grimes on-screen contract at GB News TERMINATED claim insiders 

DARREN Grimes’s on-screen contract with right -wing news channel GB News has reportedly been terminated, say insiders at the broadcaster. 

A source said: “Darren Grimes on-screen contract has been terminated at GBNews.”

“His Sunday slot was cancelled and his Saturday slot reduced to an half an hour last month.”

GB News and Darren Grimes did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Politicalite.

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The claims follow the presenters suspension last month  over an alleged relationship with a colleague.

A source claimed to Politicalite:  “He was sacked over an alleged relationship with a junior staffer who worked on his team.”

He was also accused of abusing his position of power at the broadcaster.

Our GB News insider claimed: “He abused his authority to demand the relationship with the junior staffer.”

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“The lad was threatened with losing his job if he did not comply” added the source. 

Grimes, 29 hit back at reports he had been fired telling Politicalite last month: “I haven’t been sacked from GB News.” 

However, when repeatedly questioned by Politicalite, the GB News star refused to comment on claims he had been rapped over a relationship with a GB News staffer in which he allegedly abused his position of power.

“You’ll see me on air this weekend, and I cannot wait to be back.” the Real Britain presenter added.

When pressed again, he said: “That’s my comment.”  



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