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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The Fake Sheikh ‘DRUGGED celebs and ROYALS during News of the World sting operations’

FAKE Sheikh Mazher Mahmood has been accused of drugging multiple celebrities and royals during his time on undercover sting operations, several sources have told Politicalite.

The infamous News of the World hack is set to be the subject of a highly-anticipated ‘’Amazon Prime Video Documentary out tomorrow – which is set to reveal how the reporter donned an Arab Sheikh costume to dupe some of the most famous and influential names across the globe.

He was yesterday accused via Politicalite of using the date rape drug GHB to entrap the hypnotist and magician Jonathan Royle – whose real name is ‘Alex Smith’ in 1999, which led to the arrest and imprisonment of the man in a forgery scandal.

Steve Grayson, a former journalist who is now the managing director of Kavanagh Sterling – an international business intelligence firm – is featured in the documentary that premieres on Tuesday on Amazon Prime and also alleged incidents of the drugging of sting victims by Mahmoud.

He revealed what he knew in a legally sworn statement seen by Politicalite – which he kindly provided for use by Alex Smith aka Hypnotist Jonathan Royle to use in his ongoing quest for justice to get his arguably unsafe Fake Sheikh related Convictions overturned.

“I have been asked what I know about the spiking of drinks.” alleging that Mazher “boasted” about his links to a pharmacist who could supply him a drug that had the same effect of GHB.

“He said he used it in his social life to “seduce” (if that’s the right word) young women.”

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He also recalled an incident at London’s Savoy Hotel where Mahmoud poured a girl “who was not being very forthcoming” a drink and claimed that within twenty minutes the girl said she “felt woozy” but was “much more talkative”.

“She was later sick in the bathroom. It seemed to me that he had spiked her drink.” can exclusively reveal multiple allegations of his involvement in the alleged plot to entrap his victims with his trickery – that has seen his old colleague in the stings speak out against his alleged involvement in plots to destroy the reputations of high-profile sports stars, celebrities and even royals.


HYPNOTIST Alex Smith – whose real name is Jonathan Royle has claimed that the undercover reporter used dark techniques to get his legendary scoops – that won him prestigious industry awards even being named “reporter of the year” in 2011.

Smith alleged that the actor John Alford, Boxer Herbie Hides, Model & Actress Emma Morgan were victims of “spiking” during stings.

Alex with actress Emma Morgan
Alex with champion boxer Herbie Hides
Alex with London’s Burning and Grange Hill legend John Alford.
From left to right John Alford, Herbie Hides, Alex Smith aka Jonathan Royle and Emma Morgan. CREDIT: BBC News

That’s not all, according to Smith, the Earle of Hardwicke Joseph Yorke, Stefan Thwaites, John Higgins, Tulisa Contostavlos, Lawrence Dallaglio & Other Celebrities & Royalty were also allegedly drugged by the Fake Sheikh.

Media lawyer Mark Lewis also claimed that Murdoch’s ‘Fake Sheikh’ was mentioned at least twice on Television News Programmes where his victims had been allegedly drugged.

Alex Smith claimed: Well one thing I can say for certain is that he did NOT call room service to bring us drinks on the occasions I met with him..”

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“Instead he sent his “BodyGuard” or “Personal Assistant” down to the bar which meant leaving the Hotel Suite we were in, going along the corridor, down several floors in the lift, then finding the bar, queuing up and getting served and bringing the drinks all the way back upstairs (or in lift) the same way.”

“He could just have picked up the phone and ordered the drinks by room service and they would have been brought up and no doubt got there quicker.”

“Could it be the reason for this was so that one of his behind the scenes staff could tamper with the drinks in some way?” asked Smith.

“I certainly can’t think of any other logical reason for why you would not just pick up the phone and ring room service, especially when your not in a normal hotel room, but rather are in one of the expensive Suites and thus far more likely to get speedy VIP Service.”

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Smith – a journalist himself added: “My research shows that various Fake Sheikh Victims experienced the same, namely that rather than use room service, he instead sent someone down to the bar to get the drinks.”

“My research also indicates a number of occurrences where extreme reactions to “drink” are involved in the reports of cases.”

“My research also shows that date rape drugs like GHB can and have in the past been used by people to make others more compliant both in what they say, do and can easily be manipulated into doing and saying where they would not normally have done so.”

Similar doubts have been raised about Mahmood’s Newcastle directors‘ expose. Hall and Shepherd claim the NoW had set out to prove they were cocaine users. When that failed they suspect Mahmood, or else a member of his team, ‘spiked’ their drinks in order to elicit their indiscretions.

Similarly, the snooker player John Higgins, who rarely drinks, was suspicious of drinks provided to him when he was enticed in 2010 into saying he would be prepared to fix matches in return for a large payment. No matches were fixed and Higgins protested his innocence. A subsequent tribunal set up by a World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association withdrew all charges of match-fixing.

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“The tenth Earle of Hardwicke was lulled into a false sense of security at London’s Savoy Hotel, plied with Champagne, possibly “spiked” with the date rape drug Rohypnol, and questioned about his social connections”

Suspicions have also been been raised that Lawrence Dallaglio – Former England Rugby Captain may have been drugged by Mazher Mahmood. Indeed his girlfriend said he seemed odd after seeing the reporters. “He has no recollection of what happened. It’s all a blank to him.”

Then came the sting. After drinks, which John Alford – like so many other of Mahmood’s victims – believed were spiked, he was asked if he could obtain drugs for the prince and his cronies.

Giving evidence from behind a screen Mr Mahmood was today asked whether he or his associate, known only as ‘Nish’ had spiked the singer’s drink or offered her any money.

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Jeremy Dein QC continued: ‘You and Nish spiked her drink didn’t you?’

The witness firmly responded: ‘That is absolutely outrageous.’

Mr Dein continued: ‘You spiked her drinks to get her to incriminate herself.’

N-Dubz star Tulisa Contostavlos has concluded, in view of the extreme and unpleasant reaction she, GV and Michelle experienced, that the drinks of all three of them must have been spiked,” the document stated.

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The Sun has been approached for comment on the latest allegations, but yesterday declined to comment on the case of Alex Smith.

More follows on Tuesday – when Amazon Prime releases its must watch documentary “Fake Sheikh”.



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