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EXCLUSIVE: Joe Lycett’s Turdcast launch ends in disaster at Liverpool’s Albert Dock

JOE Lycett’s launch of his new podcast at Liverpool’s Albert Dock ended in disaster on Thursday after strong winds caused a giant inflatable toilet to spill into the water, forcing him to cancel the event, Politicalite can reveal. 

Liverpool hosted the launch of ‘The Turdis’, a giant inflatable toilet set to tour around country to tie in with launch of the new podcast, Turdcast, but it failed to go to plan and has now been cancelled until further notice.

Presenter Jenny Powell joined Joe to officially open The Turdis with ribbon cutting ceremonyand the people of Liverpool were  interviewed by Joe Lycett on Thursday afternoon to share their own loo stories  

Joe told Politicalite: “I’m thrilled that so many of the good people of Liverpool came out in force today to walk the brown carpet and to tell me their own toilet stories. I considered several aptly-named places to launch my toilet podcast – Hartlepool, Mudchute, Crapstone – but only Liverpool offered me the requisite lettering alongside proximity to a Nandos and affordable rates at an Ibis.”

Sadly it did not go as planned and a spokesperson for Joe told Politicalite: “During an event at Liverpool Docks today, a mechanical fault occurred with a portable toilet which saw a small spillage occur. This was immediately dealt with by the support team on hand to ensure there was no impact on the water into which the spillage occurred. However, the event was cancelled with immediate effect as it was not possible for members of the public to use the toilet as planned. We apologise to disappointed fans hoping to attend.’

Joe Lycett said: “In a bitter twist of irony, severe wind caused us problems in fully erecting The Turdis. I’m relieved to say the spillage was dealt with immediately so that the beautiful waters at the Docks weren’t damaged. Huge thanks to the lovely people of Liverpool who made it down!”

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Joe Lycett tried to unveil a giant inflatable portable toilet, The Turdis, at Liverpool Docks, to mark the launch of his new-brand new podcast, Turdcast – which launches on Friday 24th November at 9am.

The Turdis was formally opened in a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by presenter Jenny Powell at the Royal Albert Dock. In entirely appropriate events, windy conditions meant the fine Liverpool public weren’t able to physically use the toilet themselves, but they shared their toilet woes aplenty.

The toilet installation attracted hundreds of locals, who were invited to walk the brown carpet. Joe interviewed some of the gathered crowd for chats that will be included in the very first episode, alongside celebrity guest Gary Lineker, which goes live at 9am today (Friday 24th November).

Liverpool was the first city to host The Turdis, which will go on tour to other selected UK locations to mark the launch of the podcast over the coming weeks, including Hartlepool (Thursday 30th November) and Ramsbottom (Thursday 14th December).

Joe announced Turdcast last week, promising a safe space for celebrities to flush out their most satisfying, horrifying and frankly awful toilet stories. From bog standards to demon dumps, we all have a toilet story to tell and Turdcast promises that you’ll now get to hear them all in the number 1 (or number 2) podcast from Mummy.

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Gary Lineker is the guest for the very first episode where he discusses the now legendary moment he ‘relieved’ himself on the pitch in England’s opening game of the 1990 World Cup in front of hundreds of millions of people, Gazza farting during team baths and more, with a string of other celebrities set to feature.