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Big Brother

EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother winner Jordan reveals lover Henry has already stayed the night

BIG Brother winner Jordan Sangha has revealed that his lover Henry Southan has already stayed over at his house, Politicalite can reveal. 

The 26-year-old former lawyer emerged victorious on the ITV reality show ‘Big Brother’ last week beating out Olivia Young, Yinrun Huang, Noky Simbani, and his love interest Henry for the £100,000 prize and has now admitted that just days after the final, he and the food critic, 25, have since spent an evening together.

Jordan told Politicalite: “Henry stayed at mine last night but there was no funny business.”

Jordan was also asked how he had been coping with his newfound stardom after winning the ITV show, to which admitted he was finding it “overwhelming”.

He explained: “Because we didn’t think anyone was watching so we’re so thankful people have been watching it. People have been relishing it.”

Henry then highlighted that although his former co-star was now able to splash the cash, he was still living as frugally as he was before appearing on the programme.

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He said: “Jordan has been accosted in Sainsbury’s buying a meal deal. 100 grand and he’s still buying meal deals!”

Despite sticking to a normal lunch, Jordan revealed he and Henry have “lots of plans” for what to do with the £100,000, which will include a trip to Venice, as well as “LEGO and wine nights”. 

Jordan also recently announced that he had decided to quit his job as a lawyer after winning the eye-watering prize, and had no plans to ever return to a normal nine-to-five.

He told The Sun: “I don’t want to go back to a day job. I’ve worked in supermarkets,I loved working in Sainsbury’s, that was a good day job – but law, no. I’m done, signed out.”

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