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TWO TIER POLICE: Tommy Robinson ARRESTED for reporting on march against antisemitism in London 

TOMMY Robinson was arrested Sunday ahead of a major march against antisemitism in London, where he was attending in the capacity as a journalist for Urban Scoop website. 

Tens of thousands of people including Boris Johnson marched in London in the demonstration, a day after pro-Palestinian crowds also gathered in the capital to demand a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict.

A temporary truce between Hamas and Israel is still holding, with the release of a second group of hostages and Palestinians from Israeli prisons coming late on Saturday.

The Metropolitan Police had said that he was “not welcome” at the march, despite Britain being a country with supposed human rights and freedom of the press. 

He was harassed by Met Police officers whilst trying to eat his breakfast and then the 

force said that any offences “whether from within the protest or from any groups trying to challenge or interfere with the march” would be dealt with.

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Mr Robinson had previously been seen among the crowds of counter-protesters who clashed with police during ceasefire protests held on Armistice Day.

On Sunday, he was seen arguing with officers for about 10 minutes outside Soho coffee shop opposite the Royal Courts of Justice trying to eat his breakfast and was then arrested in the streets of central London led away from the scene.

A source representing Tommy and Urban Scoop told Politicalite: “While Islamists spew hate, intolerance and call for violence (a Muslim army), why was there a need to strongarm a journalist who was just going to report on the antisemitism march and pepper spray him before being bungled into a meat wagon?”

“Has journalism become a crime now?”

“Has the call to raise a ‘Muslim army’ become part of the acceptable woke narrative now?”

“What an upside down world we live in, you’re a DISGRACE to our country and to the uniform.”

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Two tier policing at its most obvious.

More follows.