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MOB RULE: Police SLAMMED after de-arresting Pro-Hamas protester in Manchester after Islamist mob storm Police van in City Centre

GREATER Manchester Police arrested and then de-arrested a pro-Hamas protester in Manchester City Centre yesterday after a violent mob demanded he was released from a Police vehicle, Politicalite can reveal.

The de-arrest came just a week after Cheshire Police and Met Police in London arrested journalist and former EDL leader Tommy Robinson whilst eating his breakfast in a restaurant. He was later charged and banned from any demonstrations or entering London.

The force – just a day after being praised for its effectiveness, efficiency, and legitimacy by an independent commission decided to use a two tier policing policy when the force tried to arrest a pro-Hamas protester, but relented and gave into a mob of protesters supporting Hamas – a proscribed organization in the UK.

Under the Terrorism Act 2000, the Home Secretary may proscribe an organisation if they believe it is concerned in terrorism. As seen in Israel where it abducts babies, women and children and has a policy to “destroy the Israeli state.”


The young male Pro-Hamas protester who was arrested in Manchester city centre on Saturday at a pro-Hamas demonstration was later de-arrested following a protest by other members of the group. 

An eyewitness speaking to Politicalite claimed that the group told GMP Police officers to “let him go” and then surrounded the Police van chanting “let him go! Let him go!”

One source claimed: “Police tried to arrest a minor but the whole march refused to move from the van for an hour and he was de-arrested!” 

A video reveals the suspect was released from a Police vehicle to a a massive cheering crowd. 

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Given the recent events in London and a similar incident in South London yesterday that saw protesters surround a police car and surround Met police officers who were trying to arrest two suspects, many people are becoming increasingly concerned that the Police are operating a two-tier policing operation in relation to Pro-Hamas demonstrations. 

Greater Manchester Police did not respond immediately to a request for comment. 

More follows. 

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