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WHO SHOT JFK? The inside story of JFK and the Mafia ties that got a President whacked 

JOHN F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States and remains an iconic figure in American history after he became the fourth President in the U.S. to be assassinated on November 22nd, 1963 – shocking the world and leading to a slew of conspiracy theories that have been widely circulated for the past sixty years.

His youthful presidency along with his glamorous wife and First Lady Jackie Kennedy was fit for the television age giving America – and the democratic Western world a different style of leadership with a forward-thinking vision of international co-operation and the promotion of civil action famously telling the nation: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” during his inauguration address in January 1961. 

ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO: President John F. Kennedy giving a speech during his inauguration in January 1961.
FIRST FAMILY: President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

He was also a keen advocate in the fight for civil rights where he said: “Our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.” 

I HAVE A DREAM: Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King meeting JFK in the Oval Office at the White House in the 1960s.

Kennedy also launched the process that aimed to put man on the moon by the end of the decade declaring: “Some say, the Moon? Why choose this as our goal? And they may well ask, why climb the highest mountain? Why, 35 years ago, fly the Atlantic?, We choose to go to the Moon. We choose to go to the Moon… We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.”

SPACE MAN: John F. Kennedy starts the space race at Rice University in September 1962.

Yet the alleged secret story behind the young President that captivated the masses and first took the task of making a dream in the skies and space a reality, kickstarting the path to one of mankind’s greatest achievements is so astonishing that it could be a great Hollywood blockbuster and possibly the greatest American political thriller ever told, making Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal look like low-level petty crime.  

The President – who was known to his family and close associates as “Jack” was tragically assassinated in 1963 aged just 46 – just two years and less than a thousand days into his presidency – shocking America and the World, but sixty years on we may finally have an answer to that mystery… Who Shot JFK?


Politicalite is examining the incredible, extraordinary and unprecedented claims that JFK – one of America’s greatest presidents was allegedly linked – and then whacked by the Mafia in response to his administrations crackdown on Organized Crime and the subsequent ‘show trials’ of some of the most powerful mobsters in the North American Cosa Nostra (“our thing” or “this thing of ours”) who were alleged to have helped JFK and the Kennedy’s win the White House in the 1960 Presidential Election – in which several mob-bosses and their underlings worked in the shadows on the orders of JFK’s father to ensure his son won millions of votes in many swing-states and set America on a path of real change. 

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The relationship between President John F. Kennedy, the Mafia, and also the iconic singer Frank Sinatra – also linked to the Mob –  is a complex and intriguing aspect of history. 

Sinatra’s connections to both Kennedy and the mob have fueled speculation and added layers to the narrative of the 1960s and last year a former New York Mobster revealed even more about the connection and confirmed the claims live on British television. 


For decades conspiracy theories have persisted with the majority of Americans refusing to believe the official Government line following the 1964 Commission into the Assassination of President Kennedy, then known as the Warren Commission. 

It was set up by JFK’s successor, President Lyndon B. Johnson – who was sworn in as the 36th President of the United States on Air Force One whilst Jackie Kennedy (JFK’s wife) was still wearing her iconic pink replica Chanel suit stained with the blood of her husband – hours after he was shot outside the Texas School Book Depository in downtown Dallas by what the Police and the official U.S. Government report concluded to be Lee Harvey Oswald.

WHO REALLY SHOT JFK? The Official Government probe concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK acting alone, but this is disputed by many historians and not believed by the majority of the American people.

Lee Harvey Oswald, incredibly, was then later shot dead by the larger than life nightclub boss and mobster Jack Ruby outside a Police Department in Dallas, TX whilst he was being transferred to a County Jail following the assassination of JFK that left the blood on the dress of the First Lady. 

Jackie Kennedy – the First Lady infamously refused to change on the plane back from Dallas, Texas to Washington DC later telling Life magazine about the trip back to the White House.

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On the plane, Jackie found a change of clothes waiting for her. She wiped off her face, but would later tell Life magazine: “One second later, I thought, ‘Why did I wash the blood off?’ I should have left it there; let them see what they’ve done.” …but who were they? 

The official probe concluded, after nearly 10 months of investigation, that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, had fired three bullets from the sixth floor of the school depository building. It found that Oswald’s death 48 hours later at the hands local nightclub owner Jack Ruby was an act of spontaneous revenge. 

THE COVER UP? Jack Ruby shoots and kills Lee Harvey Oswald two days after Oswald was accused of killing the President.

However, the legacy of JFK is not without controversy and debate with one persistent claim for many years that has suggested a connection between JFK and the mafia – and it’s a story that’s like something out of The Godfather, more complicated than The Sopranos and even more action-packed than Goodfellas and get this, last year former real-life Mobster Michael Franzese – who served ten years in a Federal prison for Racketeering confirmed for the first time on British television that the Mafia was responsible for the death of John F. Kennedy – stunning viewers. 

Mr Franzese told Jeremy Vine in 2022: “I gotta tell you this, there’s no question or doubt in my mind that this was a mob hit on JFK.”


“I’ve heard that from the right people in my entire life and they had no reason to be to lie to me.” 

“You know, Jack Ruby was very closely associated with [Al] Capone and the people in Chicago.”

The infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone.

“He’s the guy who shot Lee Harvey-Oswald,” added Mr Vine.

“There’s more of a backstory but we don’t have time now.” said Franseze Polititcalite does however, and here it is. 

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One of the key figures in the alleged Kennedy—Mafia connection is Joseph P. Kennedy, JFK’s father. 

MAFIA MAN? Joseph Kennedy with a teenage JFK in 1940.
Joseph P. Kennedy, center, member of the Harvard class of 1912, with his two sons at the class celebration. Mr. Kennedy, chairman of the Maritime Commission came to Cambridge, Mass. to attend Harvard commencement on June 23, 1937. He is shown here with Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., left, and John F. Kennedy at right. (AP Photo)

Some historians and experts say that Joseph Kennedy’s business dealings and connections may have inadvertently linked the Kennedy family to organized crime. Joseph Kennedy’s wealth and connections within the business and political spheres have led some to question the origins of the family’s fortune.

The 1960 presidential election, where Kennedy faced off against Richard Nixon, added another layer to the conspiracy theories. It is claimed that the Kennedy campaign sought the support of influential individuals with ties to the mafia, especially in key states like Illinois and West Virginia. The infamous meeting between Joseph Kennedy and Chicago mobster Sam Giancana has been cited as evidence of this association.

A young JFK with his mother rehearsing a speech.

Furthermore, the Bay of Pigs invasion and the subsequent Cuban Missile Crisis have also been analyzed in the context of alleged mafia involvement. Some theorists argue that the Kennedy administration’s pursuit of anti-Castro Cuban exiles, some of whom had connections to organized crime, could be seen as a nod to underworld figures supportive of JFK’s policies.

Perhaps the most famous theory revolves around the assassination of JFK in 1963. Some suggest that elements within the mafia, unhappy with the Kennedy administration’s crackdown on organized crime, may have played a role in the president’s assassination. 

During the early 1960s, the United States was grappling with the rise of organized crime, and the Mob ruled the streets and the Mafia wielded considerable influence over various aspects of American society and several key elements of the U.S. economy. The alleged ties between JFK and the Mafia became a subject of intense speculation and conspiracy theories over the years. 

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One of the most cited connections is the role of Joseph P. Kennedy, JFK’s father, who was rumored to have engaged with the Mafia to secure his son’s election. The notion is that in exchange for political favors, the Mafia would receive protection from law enforcement scrutiny. While these claims lack concrete evidence, they contribute to the mystique surrounding JFK’s rise to power and are believed by many Americans. 

The notorious mobster Sam Giancana, leader of the Chicago Outfit, is often mentioned in the context of the alleged JFK-Mafia connection. According to some theories, Giancana and his associates helped JFK secure votes in key states during the 1960 election. 

Chicago gangster Sam Giancana arrives for an appearance before a Federal Grand Jury

The intrigue deepens when exploring the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961, that was an attempt by the Americans to overthrow Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba. Some conspiracy theorists suggest that JFK’s reluctance to provide sufficient air support during the operation may have been influenced by a desire to maintain a delicate balance with the Mafia, which reportedly had interests in Cuban casinos.

The climax of the alleged JFK-Mafia connection is often associated with the investigations into the assassination of the president. Some theories propose that elements within the Mafia orchestrated JFK’s assassination in retaliation for his administration’s crackdown on organized crime. However, the official investigations, including the Warren Commission, concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

While the theories surrounding the Mafia’s involvement in JFK’s presidency and subsequent assassination remain speculative, they reflect the enduring fascination with the darker, hidden aspects of political power. The intricate web of relationships, real or imagined, between JFK and the Mafia continues to be a subject of debate and speculation, adding an enigmatic layer to the legacy of one of America’s most iconic leaders.


FRANK Sinatra was a prominent figure in the entertainment industry and a member of the Rat Pack, a group of entertainers that included Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop. 

Sinatra’s friendship with Lawford, who was President Kennedy’s brother-in-law, provided him with a direct link to the Kennedy family.

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Sinatra lights John F. Kennedy’s cigarette at a fundraiser in downtown Chicago.

Sinatra was an ardent supporter of John F. Kennedy during his presidential campaign. He used his influence to rally support in the entertainment industry and was known to have a close friendship with JFK. Sinatra’s involvement in the 1960 campaign and his support for Kennedy’s candidacy proved a connection between the two.

Simultaneously, Sinatra had known ties to the Mafia, particularly figures like Sam Giancana. 

Sinatra’s connections to organized crime were a source of controversy and raised questions about his influence over Kennedy. Some have suggested that the Mafia leveraged Sinatra’s relationship with Kennedy for their own interests.

Conspiracy theories speculate that Sinatra served as a mediator between the Kennedy administration and the Mafia, using his connections to facilitate discussions. These theories propose that the mob expected favors in return for their support during the election.

Rumors persist that Sinatra played a role in introducing President Kennedy to Judith Campbell Exner, a woman who claimed to have had affairs with both Kennedy and Giancana.

The intersection of Frank Sinatra, President Kennedy, and the Mafia presents a compelling chapter in American history. Sinatra’s dual connections to the entertainment world and organized crime, coupled with his friendship with JFK, have given rise to various conspiracy theories.

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However, it’s crucial to note that the Warren Commission, the official government investigation into Kennedy’s assassination, did not find conclusive evidence supporting these claims.

While intriguing, these theories remain largely speculative. The lack of concrete evidence and the existence of alternative explanations for the events in question emphasize the importance of approaching such claims with caution. It is essential to distinguish between historical facts, circumstantial evidence, and conspiracy theories to fully understand the complexities surrounding JFK’s presidency and his alleged links to the mafia.

In conclusion, the alleged ties between JFK and the mafia are believable and it is a fascinating aspect of historical speculation. 

As with many historical mysteries, the debate surrounding JFK’s death and his alleged links to the mafia will continue to captivate the  imagination of researchers and enthusiasts alike for many years to come. 

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