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Big Brother

BIGGEST BROTHER: See the NEW Big Brother set ahead of ITV2 reboot

BIG Brother is set to launch in weeks with its biggest ever outdoor set and leaked pictures taken from a drone reveal that ITV wasn’t joking when they said they would “throw the kitchen sink” at the ITV2 relaunch of Britain’s original and greatest reality show. 

The Mirror revealed a sneak peak of the amazing rebirth of the iconic show’s outdoor set that will go live to millions of Brits on October 8th LIVE on ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX with Aj Odudu and Will Best plus an army of BB fans as they cheer or most likely boo the crowd of new Housemates as they enter the house via speed boat.

The new Big Brother house is set to be as iconic as ever as pictures reveal the nearly finished garden that will see housemates enter the house via the garden in a UK first.

Last week Politicalite reported the new look house under construction that will see a new batch of housemates calling the house home for six weeks.

Drone shots show that there have been some changes to the set as well as some iconic parts remaining.

The Mirror revealed: “The house’s staple eye walkway, where the contestants make their grand entrance to a cheering crowd, will be coming back to the series, which is expected to start in October – but it’s been given a revamp.”

“The former house was known for its stage and huge stairway, which housemates had to climb before entering. Stars of the show will now enter and exit the house from a huge white catwalk-style stage and through three giant eyes which surrounds the stage – meaning gone are those scarily steep steps! There is plenty of space for fans to go and watch entrances and evictions, just like in past series.”

“When housemates take a walk through the iconic entrance and go through the house into the garden area, they will be greeted with a bright outdoor space with a hot tub for contestants to relax in as they get to know their fellow housemates but, in a change to previous series it seems there won’t be a pool, which could be due to the Autumn air date.”

“The garden looks like it’s a working progress as it isn’t quite finished but, the outdoor area – which has been the backdrop of many iconic Big Brother moments – looks like it’s going to have a colourful theme. Crew members are seen working away outside, ahead of the show’s highly-anticipated comeback this autumn.”

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“Although grass and plants look yet to be added to the garden, it is already filled with colour with bright orange, purple and yellow painted sections providing pops of colour to the walls, steps and parts of the floor. And on one wall, a giant version of the iconic eye can be seen, with faux grass providing the backdrop to a neon pink eye-shaped sign. “

“There is also a sheltered area in one corner of the garden, meaning housemates will be able to get some fresh air in all weathers – catching up on the latest gossip from inside the house. The triangle-shaped area has a see-through roof with orange beams and a blue trim.”

“On some walls of the garden, two-way mirrors are spotted – which will give producers the change to watch the housemates while they spend time outside, making sure viewers will catch all the action from the house in the programme. However, the inside of the iconic set is yet to be glimpsed as it’s under construction and covered with wooden boards as workmen can be seen making themselves busy on the roof of the house surrounding the garden area in the middle.”

“This means fans might have to wait a while longer to see how ITV have revamped the inside of the Big Brother House and if features such as The Diary Room, shared bedroom and huge living room will make a return. It seems that the new house has a more curved design compared to the final Big Brother house, which was demolished in 2019, which had more of a square look.”


THE FIRST PICS of the Big Brother house have been leaked online as ITV bosses plan to let housemates arrive via BOAT on Launch Night.

The house will be built inside a soundstage at state of the art facility called Garden Studios in North London and pictures reveal the new garden that featured a hot tub for housemates to get steamy in the cold Autumn months.

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ITV told Politicalite: “The first in a series of exciting promos for the programme – which launches on ITV2 and ITVX this October – sees hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best impersonating narrator Marcus Bentley who then advises them to ‘stick to presenting’.”

Big Brother returns this October 8th on ITV1, ITV2 and ITVX. 



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